Eco-Friendly Washing Up Brush
Eco-Friendly Washing Up Brush

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Eco-Friendly Washing Up Brush

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We produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year as a planet, with the UK alone producing more than 400,000 tonnes every month. Some estimates suggest up to 95% of all plastic waste is not recycled.

This eco-friendly natural dish-washing brush contains zero plastic and is made from sustainably grown plants and trees. From the beech-wood handle to the sisal plant fibre bristles and the small amount of stainless steel, there is no plastic involved. 

Sisal plant fibre has been used for a variety of different applications for centuries, and in today’s modern world we can bring it into our kitchens! 

Our Eco-Friendly Dish-Scrubbing Brush comes with 3 replacement heads, so you don’t even need to worry about replacements. We got you.