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People often ask us: "Why should I switch from cotton-blend fabrics to a Hemp alternative?" or "What's so special about Hemp paper?"
With over 25,000 uses its impossible to give every reason, but here's a few of our favourites:

Hemp Fabrics

Stronger than Cotton

That's right. Hemp is three times stronger than cotton, making it the strongest natural plant fibre in the world. It's also thermodynamic, meaning it can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Soft on Sensitive Skin

Hemp isn't just kind to Mother Earth; it boasts antibacterial properties that mean its also kind to sensitive skin and allergies whilst being extremely soft and breathable.

No Chemicals!

Hemp grows well organically without the aid of chemical fertilisers or pesticides, which can't be said for cotton. Cotton alone is responsible for around 25% of all harmful chemicals in the world. 

Hemp Paper

Are you taking notes?

You should be. Hemp paper is environmentally friendly, as opposed to the tree-pulp paper you're likely used to. It requires very few chemicals and for the work put in, produces a much greater quantity and a higher quality paper.


Hemp paper lasts up to 50x longer than tree-pulp paper and can be recycled dozens of time. So when you're done with your Uni notes, or even that doodle you drew whilst they were talking 'at' you, pop it in the recycling bin. The world (and we) will thank you!

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

In this modern age, the world waits for no man (or woman). With this in mind, Hemp paper grows in just 20 weeks, ready to use. In comparison, tree-pulp paper takes 20 years