Hemp: Replacing Plastic

The Backstory

Hemp is one of humanities oldest cultivated crops dating back to over 10,000 years to Ancient China and Mesopotamia. Its medicinal uses can be traced back to 2700 BC and even throughout Roman times. 

The Uses of Hemp: 25,000 and counting...

Hemp's humble beginnings can be traced back to coarse woven fabrics and simple ropes before finding its uses in paper and even sailing cloth.
Today, there's over 25,000 known uses for Hemp including:
  • Cosmetics and paints
  • Toys and musical instruments
  • Clothing fabrics and insulation
    (best against both the sound and the cold)
  • Foodstuffs
  • Cement
  • Paper
  • An alternative to plastic
And many more, including even fuel! 

Good for us, Good for Mother Earth

Hemp is only one of six genus of plants known to enrich the soil it grows in, making it both ecologically friendly and sustainable as well as ethical. Hemp is such a durable crop, it can grow almost anywhere on the planet and requires far fewer pesticides whilst still giving a huge yield! 

Along with this, Hemp is biodegradable, fully recyclable and could even replace fossil fuels to power our green Earth. As if this wasn't enough, Hemp creates homes for a variety of wildlife further cementing (see what we did there?) its uses within a 21st Century society.