Why CBD?

The Backstory

Whilst some people believe that Cannabis restrictions mean the use of CBD as a therapeutic alternative is a fairly new thing, this is really not the case. 

Cannabis-derived medicines date back to 2737 BC, when the Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung would infuse his tea with cannabis to aid a variety of ailments including malaria, gout, rheumatism and even memory loss. 

Luckily, these days you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without legal complications as ongoing research suggests CBD has a wide variety of health benefits, without the side-effects common in many pharmaceuticals. 

Safe & Natural

CBD (one of over 60 compounds collectively called Cannabinoids) is a safe and natural product, widely thought to be beneficial in treating many health issues. But don't just take our word for it. More and more research is published for CBD regularly supporting its benefits. 

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The Modern Miracle

Get ready for a few big words to the question "Why CBD?" ... 

The human body has an endocannabinoid system (let's call that ECS) which produces endocannabinoids naturally. These help keep our body balanced and regulated which in turn impacts functions like *deep breath* your mood, stress levels, memory, sleep, appetite, auto-immune system responses and chronic pain relief. Blimey. 

Consuming higher levels of CBD is believed to create the perfect balance between body and mind, offering additional benefits in terms of holistic health and well-being.

And the best thing? CBD comes in so many different forms, its easy to sneak this into your day-to-day life. CBD-infused honey on toast, anyone?

The Legalities

We're dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's here at the All Things Hemp Shop to make sure you have peace of mind. 

CBD levels in the hemp plant are generally much higher than those found in cannabis. High-strength CBD is entirely legal in the UK, as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC (the psychoactive component known to give marijuana smokers the 'high' they're drawn to). 

All of our products comply with UK law, so our customers can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the intoxicating effect of THC.