Virtual Consultations & Workshops

Here at the All Things Hemp Shop, we know that getting into the world of CBD and Hemp can be quite daunting, and changing your routines and products to make a green impact is just as tough; especially when you're not really sure what you're looking for.
That's why we've introduced 1-1 Virtual Consultations and Group Workshops.

1-1 Virtual Consultations

These 30 minute appointments are great for some 1-1 time with our Founder, Becki. Get her up to speed on your aims and goals, the results you're hoping to get from CBD and Hemp (be it simply improving your quality of life or managing a painful condition) or whether you'd just like to be a little greener, and she'll help recommend products from the ATH Shop to best suit your needs. 
You'll need Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp to use this service, so please make sure its installed on your device before your appointment. 
Don't have a webcam? We can do audio too - just add a note to your booking, and we can give you a call instead. 

Group Workshops

They say two is better than one; in this case, we think ten is even better. These Group Workshops are a great way to come together for suggestions, recommendations and the latest news on CBD, Hemp and Eco-Friendly Alternatives. Lead by Becki, you'll be able to discuss products you've tried, the results you got and also get some great  recommendations for new products. A little less personal than a 1-1, but a great way to connect with new people and find friends amongst the Hempers. 

 Click here to book your 1-1 Consultation, or sign-up for our Group Workshops