ATHS News: 'Seed our Future' Campaign Gains Momentum

The ‘Seed Our Future’ Campaign led by 
Guy Coxall 
and his team is gathering momentum .. exciting times! 🤩
Please look them up on Facebook and support the campaign .. it could mean the de-scheduling of cannabis as an illegal drug, which will then result in medical cannabis becoming more widely available and better regulated, away from the black market.
This then gives the patient/consumer a range of options in combining the THC content (which is currently illegal if over 0.2%) with the CBD content (legal), to obtain maximum effectiveness in treating their particular health condition/s. The reason that this is important is that various research has shown that some conditions respond better to a mix of both THC and CBD, such as several types of cancer.
Therefore, ATH Shop and the Seed Our Future Campaign strongly believe that we need to be allowed to use the whole Hemp/Cannabis plant for medical reasons, if this is what works best for our individual health needs!
Source: High & Polite

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