ATH Shop Asks: Why is the COVID-19 pandemic the perfect time to 'Go Green'?

An Unexpected Situation

We are all aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening lives and economies around the world, but it has also demonstrated that human societies are capable of transforming themselves more or less overnight. With numerous images of eco-recovery during the pandemic being shared around the world, from clearer seas, to wildlife enjoying the lack of human presence, experts say that now is the time to bring in systemic economic change, for the long-term future of our planet .

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has demanded forceful, immediate and drastic changes, but it reflects a broader trend: more planetary crises are coming. If we simply continue reacting to each new crisis, whilst maintaining the same economic model that got us here, future shocks will eventually exceed the capacity of governments, financial institutions, and corporate crisis managers to respond. Indeed, the “coronacrisis” has already done so.

Warnings from the Past

Similar warnings have been issued before: in a 1972 report: The Limits to Growth, and again in Beyond the Limits, a 1992 book by the lead author of that earlier report, Donella Meadows.

Donella Meadows warned that humanity’s future will be defined, not by a single emergency, but by many separate, yet related, crises stemming from our failure to live sustainably. By using the Earth’s resources faster than they can be restored, and by releasing more wastes and pollutants faster than can be absorbed, our whole global economy and climate will collapse in crisis.

She stressed that these problems can be only managed be through collective action that starts long before they become full-blown crises.

A Clear Wake-Up Call

The coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to stop exceeding the planet’s limits. Deforestation, biodiversity loss, and climate change all make pandemics more likely. Deforestation drives wild animals closer to human populations, increasing the likelihood that viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 will make the leap across species. Likewise, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that global warming will also likely accelerate the emergence of new viruses.

So rather than simply reacting to disasters, we can use the science to design economies that will mitigate the threats of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pandemics. We must start investing in what matters, by laying the foundation for a green, sustainable economy, that is anchored in nature-based solutions and geared toward the public good.

So, what can we do?

As Hemp is organic, biodegradable, ethical, recyclable and sustainable and can replace over 25,000 everyday items, it is the perfect plant-based natural alternative to traditional, more harmful materials.

One simple and easy way of doing your bit is by buying Hemp products, instead of traditional materials, such as cotton, polyester, wood pulp paper and plastic. In this way, we can all start to contribute our bit to safeguarding the future of our planet!

And so here at ATH Shop, we urge our customers to consider buying fewer items made from traditional materials and instead obtain more hemp products, to start contributing our bit to safeguard the future of our planet.

And that is why NOW is the perfect time to ‘Go Green!’


Stay safe and take care of yourselves,

Becki & Tyler

The ATHS Team

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