ATH Shop Asks: How does CBD work for chronic pain? [Interview]

Becki: Hi Tracey! What were your fears and hesitations, if any, before using CBD?
Tracy: ‘Having never tried any non-prescription drugs I was quite nervous!’
Becki: What was your experience of using CBD for your particular condition?
Tracy: ‘I have fibromyalgia which causes widespread chronic pain and fatigue and had heard that CBD oil may help. I decided to start with the lowest dose available at 2% CBD and I increased it until I was using about 15 drops a day. I then changed to using a 5% CBD oil and only needed to take 4/5 drops to get the same effects. After about a month I realised I was managing to do things with ease that I had previously struggled with.’
Becki: And what were the results?
Tracy: ‘Much more pain free movement’.
Becki: Good to hear! What has the impact been on your life?
Tracy: ‘I am able to work better, pick up my grandson and walk for recreational purposes. I recently walked 12 km with ease which is something I could only have dreamed of prior to taking CBD’.
Becki: That's great! So what would you say now to anyone thinking of using CBD for chronic pain conditions?
Tracy: ‘Don’t hesitate! It will change your life, but you will need to stick at it to keep getting the benefits’.

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