ATH Shop Asks: Could Hemp be the future of sustainable fashion?

The Ethos

Ethical, Sustainable, Eco-friendly fashion is fast becoming an ever more popular sector of the fashion industry. Hemp, the strongest organic plant fibre on this planet, is unmatched in durability and resiliency, so it is no wonder that the fashion industry is turning to Hemp as a sustainable resource.

Hemp is organic, bio-degradable and needs no chemicals or pesticides to grow, thriving anywhere on the planet. This means that clothes made from Hemp are environmentally responsible and sustainable, keeping both you and the Earth happy and healthy.

Hemp is less expensive to farm, because of its minimal growth requirements and fast crop turnover rate, being one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It also uses significantly less water and oxygen than cotton. Additionally, it renews the soil with each growth cycle, rather than taking from it, as other crops do, with its’ long roots preventing erosion and helping to retain topsoil.

The Result

Clothing made from hemp fabric is lightweight, yet three times stronger than cotton and it is super absorbent, durable and long-lasting. Hemp fabric is also the best fibre for jackets, coats and outerwear. It’s thermodynamic, which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter and is even UV and mould-resistant too.

Hemp can be blended with other fibres, offering all the benefits of pure hemp fabric, alongside the qualities in the other material. Hemp can be mixed with silk, cotton and bamboo and these blended fabrics are becoming more widely available in the growing market for sustainable fashion.

The Hemp Movement

Famous high-end fashion designers such as Calvin Klein and Armani, as well as outer-wear brands such as Patagonia, regularly incorporate this “miracle fibre” into their collections, recognising its comfort and versatility and bringing their trend-setting and eco-responsible hemp fashions onto a global scale.

Thus, not only does Hemp fibre look and feel great, it is an eco-friendlier alternative to cotton and synthetic fibres.

So why not be an environmentally responsible trend-setter and make the switch now?!

Here at ATH Shop, we are excited to see what further developments Hemp will bring to future fashion!

Stay safe and take care of yourselves,

Becki & Tyler,

The ATH Shop Team

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