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L. Keogh

I had a consultation 3 weeks ago with Becki and was advised to go on 1500mg strength, 2 drops twice a day. I noticed a difference after a few days but upped the dose to 3 drops twice a day and whilst in Spain this was enough to ease my pain. Now I've returned to the UK, I've since upped the dose to 4 drops twice a day. I have childhood arthritis of the hip (perthes), de-generation of my lower spine and severe pain in both knees. Since taking the CBD Oil as Becki prescribed, I've halved my anti-inflammatory tablets and stopped all pain-killers.  I have tried hemp oils before and found they didn't work for me, but after my consultation...

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D. Farrell

I would definitely recommend the Hempen Organic CBD 1000mg. I first purchased this along with the Lip Balm when I was in La Manga Spain on holiday. I have Chronic Back Pain, Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I started with 3 drops morning and evening and could feel the difference straight away. My symptoms eased and I felt so much more relaxed and pain free. I am back in England now and have just ordered the Hempen Organic CBD 2000mg which I will take one drop morning and night. This is the best make of CBD oil that I have ever used and I have tried many for pain relief. Lots of which have side effects. Love to Becci in La Manga...

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D. Fenner

My husband is asthmatic, he usually enjoys walking but was finding it difficult in Spain with a mask on he was driving to avoid wearing the mask. I bought him a hemp mask from all things hemp shop and he said it’s much better. I rinse it through and it dries overnight.

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