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ATHS News: Building a future with Lego Bricks

Morning Hempers! ATH Shop are very pleased to report that Lego Ltd, a major player in the Plastic industry, recently declared that they are joining the Hemp revolution and, in turn, helping to safeguard the future of our planet and wildlife, by making the switch to Hemp Plastic for all their Lego toys! So why is this so important? Well, Hemp is one of humanities oldest cultivated crops, dating back over 10,000 years to Ancient China and Mesopotamia. Its medicinal use can be traced back to 2700 BC and even throughout Roman times. Industrial Hemp was also used to make rope, fabrics, paper and more in the past. However, new laws imposed early in the 20th century put a stop...

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ATHS: Testimonials

We’ve been quiet over the last few weeks (sorry about that!) making some big changes to the website, sourcing new products and thinking about how we can keep improving.  In the meantime we’ve been looking to raise awareness on a very important month; Plastic-Free July. For those of you following us, we’ve been helping customers switch at least 1 plastic product to an eco-friendly plastic-free alternative. You may have already seen Kathy, Trish and Romans’ reviews on their own switches, but Kate’s also excited about our bamboo toothbrushes!    Don’t forget, at All Things Hemp Shop we’re not just about sustainability and eco-friendly products. We’re also about helping you feel better with holistic, organic and natural remedies for a huge...

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