ATHS News: NHS 'refuses' medical cannabis for children with epilepsy

This makes us so angry here at the ATH Shop. Because of common misconceptions around CBD oil, sick people are unable to obtain wide-reaching, fair and equal access to natural and organic alternatives to modern-day pharmaceuticals. 

Please check out the ‘Seed Our Future’ Campaign to find out more and to read their report ‘NO EVIDENCE, NO CRIME?’, which outlines why the whole cannabis/hemp plant should be de-criminalised. It makes fascinating reading and has just been submitted to Parliament and all Police and Crime Commissioners across the country!

We are waiting with bated breath for their response to the challenge that the Government itself is committing a crime in criminalising the cannabis/hemp plant, as the criteria of causing harm is not legally met. 

Sourced: BBC News

Visit our friends at the 'Seed Our Future' Campaign.

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