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ATHS News: Cultiva Kingdom & Hemp Wigs

Hi Hempers!  Laura Bossom, one of our inspirations for ethical, sustainable hemp products and the founder of Cultiva Kingdom is exploring new territory and has announced Hemp Wigs. This is a huge step forward for sustainable alternatives, so please do read her recent press release! Hemp Wig Media Press Release THE FIRST INDUSTRIAL HEMP WIG SET TO BE LAUNCHED FOR VEGAN BARRISTERS THIS YEAR Vegan Pupil Barrister Samuel March has partnered with Hemp Textile Designer Laura Bossom, and unveiled the first locally made industrial hemp wig for barristers. Set to be manufactured in the UK this year, the wig will be rolled out as legal wear around the country to be worn in court. Traditionally barristers have worn horse-hair wigs...

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ATHS News: Introducing Vegan Barrister Wigs

Hi Hempers! Some amazing news for the Hemp industry, showing a steady progression forwards and well done to our friends at Cultiva Kingdom for getting a mention!! The ATH Shop Team

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