L. Keogh

I had a consultation 3 weeks ago with Becki and was advised to go on 1500mg strength, 2 drops twice a day. I noticed a difference after a few days but upped the dose to 3 drops twice a day and whilst in Spain this was enough to ease my pain. Now I've returned to the UK, I've since upped the dose to 4 drops twice a day.

I have childhood arthritis of the hip (perthes), de-generation of my lower spine and severe pain in both knees. Since taking the CBD Oil as Becki prescribed, I've halved my anti-inflammatory tablets and stopped all pain-killers. 

I have tried hemp oils before and found they didn't work for me, but after my consultation with Becki, and being given the correct advice, I have noticed a huge difference in my pain. 

I highly recommend getting in touch with Becki. 

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